Changes to Personal Details

If you change name, address, telephone number or email, please let us know by completing a form via the Bsol App. Alternatively you can let us know by by clicking here.

If you move outside the practice boundary area you will need to find a doctor in your new area.  You can use NHS Choices at to search for a list of GP Practices near your new home and compare the services provided by each practice.

It is always gratifying when patients wish to stay on our list nevertheless our contract with NHS England does not allow us to register patients outside of our catchment area unless we are willing to undertake clinically necessary home visits.

Currently this means that we would be in breach of our contract if we refused to visit you at home but allowed you to remain on our register.

Ancillary services (such as midwives, district nurses, health visitors etc) linked to our practice also have a similar designated catchment area, living outside the catchment area can have a major impact on their ability to provide local services to you.

In the time it would take to travel to your home address, undertake a consultation and return to the practice we could have seen several patients in clinic or visited multiple patients at home who reside within our boundary area.

Due to these points we feel have no alternative but to ask you to register with a doctor closer to your home address.

If you do have any problems finding a local family doctor, please contact the Primary Care Support Services Team on:       01922 603150 who will help you.